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Someting Faint and Far Away

by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 05-30-2012

Age Rating: 10 +




Something faint and far away

Something I loved.


“Did you – do you exist in reality?”

I ask the fleeting dream or long past memory.

“I did – I do.”

A recent dream is so like something in the past

- The long past.


The struggle to remember is the same.

Sometimes, something stands out,

But this one is

So faint and far away

And yet so poignant.

Is it from my childhood home?

Or longer past?

Or heaven?


Something faint and far away

Something I loved.

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        07-26-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Jacqueline,

Something Faint and Far Away,
It is funny how at times past events seem to be dim, out of sight, and blur of mind, then a song hits the ear, and we are reliving an event like it happened yesterday, now Iím not sure if this is true with all people, but it certainly happens to me, and I like it, because most of my memories are good memories.

Life on the farm was not as lay back as John Denver made it out to be, but it was a good healthy life, filled with fine memories, sometimes near, and sometimes Faint and Far Away.

Nice Job,

        10-19-2014     Rachel Brown        

I agree with Anthony Lane Stahlhut,
but childhood memories do fade over a course of time rather you want to forget it or not things like this do happen and that is the honest truth .

        07-05-2012     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Memories seem to fade sometimes and it is true that things happen and those memories seem to return. It is sad that they fade with our age, but they do bring a smile when we do see them again! I hope you are well and happy! Anthony

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