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by rickresults
copyright 07-13-2012

Age Rating: 18 +


A sound that you can’t always hear

It’s the sound of people’s fear

It’s a sound that is way too near

It’s the sound of those not clear.

America’s people are jobless

America’s people are penniless

America’s people are homeless

America’s people are hopeless.

America’s people do not deserve

Their lives they try to preserve

They count on Leaders to serve

Forced to use all their reserve.

Time to turn America around

Time for what our father’s found

Time for the alarm to sound

Time to get up off the ground.

America where’s our respect?

Who will stand in and affect?

Better Leaders we can elect

America we need to protect.

America has become poor

New direction we implore

We can’t take four years more

America we will and can restore.

Written by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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        08-12-2013     Mike Farr        

Sounds in America
Hello Rickresults,

America is a house divided against its self,
Because the freedoms are far too great,
We welcome all – No problem there,
We say, come ye here,
Bring to us your families, your cuisines, your crafts– No problem there,
Tarry hear among us with your laws,
We shall redraft,
We shall adapt for your sake – Big Problem indeed,

I like your poem Rick,
It is well written indeed,
But, I would not count to heavily upon that last line,
The only true solution to this problem, is to sever the head of the Beast,
Revelations 11
And I will give authority on to my two witnesses,

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