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by rickresults
copyright 07-23-2012

Age Rating: 18 +


There are no words to describe how I feel

I love you for you, your love completes me

All that is wrong with me your love can heal

A love without cost, simply given so free.

Though when we met you were unsure

A strange happening for one so young

Your heart of joy and love yet so pure

A song so wonderful, a melody sung.

You are my true love, a love for eternity

There was a beginning but for me no end

Our faith, our love and shared Christianity

Our example of love we share and tend.

Love like this comes once in a lifetime

My prayer is it will continue up above

I write my poems for you as they rhyme

I cherish you as no other my true love.

When God made you wonderfully right

He made you knowing I would be the one

He also knew I needed your heart of light

One man, one woman, husband and wife

Together we share earth’s journey long

Love, joy, and happiness with little strife

Our marriage of love, forever one so strong.

Written by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.

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        10-22-2013     Rachel Brown        

I really enjoyed reading this poem
it holds deep values rather family , god or just love all on its own . I can understand the emotions conveyed in this poem its a tapestry all its own. Well done and well written .
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful heartfelt piece.

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