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Desired Mystic Fantasies

by Samantha Powers (Age: 25)
copyright 08-16-2012

Age Rating: 13 +

A motion upon another as a silhouette crosses over and over again.

A pain like nothing before had drained my heart.

A stab of lack of appreciation and that was the simplest of things you said

I was left with nothing.

No hope, No desire, No happiness…nothing to form a new start.


Your embrace held me tight, but your hatred and selfishness threw me away,

This neverending timeline won’t ever end or fade away.

Memories won’t cease, they snicker and laugh, as I feel every ounce of pain.

Once again I am almost trapped captured in this prison forever to stay.


As I collapse without a breath to breathe, without a light to see,

Every dream and hope escapes and ceases to ever be.

My fingers to numb to grasp, my heart to numb to feel,

I am blinded by a new passion and beauty and a warmth I desire to steal.

Stolen from darkness, could this angel save me?

Or was his blade forever meant to slay me?


Your tender lips caress mine and in this all consuming darkness I feel a shred of life.

The heartbeat beneath my fingertips shows me truth,

The honesty from your fluent words speaks intriguing rhymes

Riddles that I gaze into your eyes to depict all of you.


Pain seeks us all, it seeks to destroy,

But love is what catches us and prevents the fall.

In itself love does not do, it is what the hatred of the loss of love does to consume.

Utopian dreams of a perfect thing I so desire to presume.


A motion upon another as a silhouette crosses over and over again,

A dream that must be to good to be true.

Constant nerves as I let past love fade away,

I was given back everything the past could take.

I hope and desire happiness, from a new start

With you.

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        05-16-2013     phoenix        

powerful and wonderful poem like reed said the thought is classic iv felt the very pain your writing about and also the love part as well a very good piece keep writing


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