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by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 08-29-2012

Age Rating: 13 +



Seeing someone with an illness of the mind

should be no less, no more

than seeing him

in a deeper layer of dream.


Sometimes it is a nightmare

getting back from one dream to another

and finding it is still a dream.

Sometimes waking is the nightmare.


But I believe we shall all wake truly

and this is enlightenment,

or better,

enlightenment is awakening.





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        02-28-2016     Mike Farr        

Hello Jacqueline,


I wrote a poem titled (Singularity), and in my commentary I state that all dreams are rational until we awaken in to a new dream or as I like to put it, a new (reality).

To each (Reality) is given a set of fundamental rules by the creator (We or He) and in each reality we must adhere to those fundamental rules lest we become victims of its harshness.

So until we awaken from this reality in which I write you this review, I will adhere to its fundamental rules that strongly object to putting a peg into a peg and a hole into a hole.

Do you catch my drift Mrs. Ives


        11-06-2014     Rachel Brown        

This poem could use some serious editing and polishing
so that it'll be better than it is now. the lines are hard to follow yet there's still hope to repair where it gets tough to follow. Thanks for sharing this piece.

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