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i dream. .

by fatalflaw
copyright 11-25-2012

Age Rating: 18 +

confident that she is the only one,

awakes each day as beautiful as the morning sun. .

devoured with goodness her love pours out,

changing thoughts of mine without a doubt. .

i dream for things i always see,

not of this world or even of me. .

far beyond the stars so high,

deep in the heavens is where all my dreams lie. .

is it love and kindness that can hold true,

is it friendship and laughter that complete you. .

is it sentual sexual perverted mind thoughts,

is it memorys bound up in a wet cardboard box. .

leaking out oh so slow, only for me to one day unfold. .

somewhere beneath the mindset of strain,

i see a lovely women picking flowers in the pouring rain. .

for if all my dreams were to come true,

i would no longer sit here and dream of you. .

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        01-28-2014     Rachel Brown        

This poem deserves a second read over and it has
won me over heart and soul, its touching and full of true blooming emotions without a doubt in any way in the slightest well done well put and thanks for sharing this gem of a poem dear friend.
Keep up the fantastic work.

        07-09-2013     Rachel Brown        

a second read is always better to be made
mental note of than not . Still this poem pulls at my heartstrings and moves me to tears out of
this poems perfection .
I really do love this poem still one of the best loved poems I've read on this site.

        03-12-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Fatalflaw
I can feel the rain and smell the flowers. Dreaming a dream all the hours.
I enjoy reading your work.
I shared this with a friend and they almost cried.
Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

        01-27-2013     fatalflaw        

sitting under the sun of another planet, in the shade of the moon. .

        01-19-2013     Rachel Brown        

I love this poem fatalflaw its such an amazing piece of work so intense and beautiful too .
Please continue to write such beautiful work and I'll read on. Hope your next poem is just as heartfelt as this one is .
I Remain Faithful,
Midnight Rose

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