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idk. .

by fatalflaw
copyright 11-26-2012

Age Rating: 16 +

sitting disputing the thoughts i'm computing. .

defiance rings the bell. .

deafing silence. .

eardrums scream back. .

lost inside is what you'll never get back. .

blood vessels haunt the memorys of my eye's,

yet somewhere underneath is where i lie. .

many arrow's left my bow, only to seek my death,

planting hand fulls of seeds in the wake of greed,

but the right always seems better than the left. .

maybe i'll just stick to my instincts instead. .

quickly consumed inside my tomb,

blisters of rage and hate. .

cautiously turning every stone worth throwing,

maybe this can lead to dance. .

cover my mouth if you think i thought to much,

empty the trash with multipul rebutt's. .

the path is long and narrow, with nothing to debate. .

the brain goes into a vegitation state,

always looking for some kind of contention,

speradically twitching with an internal itching,









ground. .

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        04-05-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is quite a flowing tapestry of work
you have here. Well done my friend.
I love the poem in general its a great piece
really it is. Keep up the wonderful work.

left curlique right curlique
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