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translation of love. .

by fatalflaw
copyright 12-30-2012

Age Rating: 16 +

the closer she steps, the more my spine tingles. .

i am totally insane as she touches my fingers. .

her magical eye's resembles the sky's. .

and i accomplished this without telling lie's. .

the fondness grew over night,

happiness exspells in my sight. .

her sweet gentle touch, with a wicked soft smile,

is what will make me stride every step of a mile. .

a euphoric pleasure over takes my mind,

this extacy is one of a kind. .

tight with texture that can hold true,

because God comes first inside her too. .

and if you remember some things i once wrote, (love)

the shell i was living in, now becomes broke. .

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        10-24-2013     Rachel Brown        

A tapestry ever as beautiful as this makes me smile with things in mind that my days bright and cheerful too. Thanks for sharing such a tapestry as deep and true as this.
Keep writing and I'll read on.

        04-06-2013     phoenix        

i can feel the love when i read this very passionate truly written by some one who was or is in love great poem reminds me of when i was in love good poem

        03-26-2013     Intekhab Naser        

Simple, honest, great flow of words and good description of feelings :)
Perfect example of master of opposites...... you make the reader really think and imagine your thoughts.
Thanks for writing such an amazing tapestry on the sweetest of all emotions :)

        02-06-2013     Rachel Brown        

This poem is quite
passionate yet its so full of love and its got
the best poetic words ever mentioned in my opinion
yet its so deep and full of emotion I love it
Keep smiling and Keep Writing Too.
-Rachel ^_^

        02-04-2013     Rachel Brown        

The love I feel when I read this
piece is limitless and boundless its so deep
I love the ebb and flow of this poem its truly well thought out and look forward to reading another poem.

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