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What It Means

by betterthingstocome
copyright 03-11-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

I love you means everything about you

 Inside and out is amazing to someone

Taking ones past and present

Accepting them for who they are

Staying positive about what could be

Forgetting to think about the broken past

Discussing how sometimes it plays a role

Understanding choices made are stepping stones


Kindness spread and gentleness shown

When one closes their eyes it is you they see

Subtle looks, gentle kisses, and daunting touching

Gets to the very core of one’s body

When apart one counts the days, hours, minutes

Till they will speak, text, write or meet again

Indulging in feelings of true contentment


Even through all the heartbreak a relationship may bring

They are still right there by your side, fighting

Working together as one to make it work

Though climbing the same mountain just different hills

Giving way that mistakes will be made

 Building from them instead of allowing them to interfere

Allowing someone in and not pushing them away


I love you means taking a deep breath

Holding the person close enough

So that even when separated

You still feel them right there with you

You can taste their perfume

You can feel their touch

You can hear them speak


I love you should not be said

When just passing the time

As though it is just a type of formality

To keep one feeling secure

No I love you should be deep and enduring


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        04-22-2013     Brian Bailey        

This poem is so beautiful, because the term, "I love you' is so very important and not to be taken lightly at all. The world seems to take it lightly though, it seems at times. But this poem sets the record straight on this topic. Very good poem and work. Bravo to the poet!! Keep writing and sharing!!

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