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Upon My Death Bed ( I'll love you Still )

by Rachel Brown (Age: 29)
copyright 03-22-2013

Age Rating: 18 +
Upon   My   Death Bed  ( I'll    love  you  Still )
Picture Credits: Drawn by Sage B.

I  was   lost   

from    the   day  we   said  hello    

yet  I   was     born    of  love  and   pure    compassion ,

but     unto    you    I   was   undone   

and    my    fate   hath   kissed   my   death bed  and   yes    I  was    the

one  meant  to    die    upon     this   bed ;

 I never wanted to  say   fare well    my  life  long   love 

so    true   I   loved   him    and  I   always  had 

its   alright    to   love  as   long  as  its   safe  to   do so 

as  long   as     you   stand    here    when   my    time  is   come.

His    pitch  dark  

eyes     stare   aimlessly   at   me    strong  as   he   is  

now   I   cannot    ever   say   how   much,

I    had   desired   him    to   stay   ever  stronger  at  this  

 death bed   of thine   yet  its    alright     to   understand 

 whats   real   in    this    world   full  of   unfullfilled   dreams   and   fates    predetermined 

from   so many   years   before   he   came   to  me;

I'll   love   him   for  all  eternity    and   yet   never   let  go 

of   his   heart    that   leaves  me  wanting   him    to   come with

me   when  I   go.

I   will   never  

willingly   let  my    life    slip   away  

from  me  until    the   day   I   marry   him   and     have  

our  happy   family   too,

he  is   what   my    very  life  

desires      to    be     completed   with 

forever  more    till   the   day  we  say   goodbye   and   I'll    see  you  again   someday somewhere;

He  is   my    fate   predetermined     from    the 

day  of  my   birth he    was   always   meant  to   be  mine

from  so  long  ago    it  was   always  meant  to   be   this  way


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        04-23-2013     phoenix        

wonderful and touching poem i like how you put the soul mate thing in there meant to be from birth and to and beyond death beautiful as always i look forward to seeing more work

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