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by Brian Bailey (Age: 66)
copyright 04-07-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

We all meet so many varied and interesting people during the course of a lifetime.  We are left with so many different feelings and impressions.  Some are meaningful, some are not.Then there are those 'select few' who truly leave their footprints in our 'heart, mind, body and soul'.  We realize it almost the instant we meet that person.  Our passion asserts itself, we laugh, we are amazed and we celebrate each other, but most importantly we 'truly feel alive'.  We treasure these people because they are 'so very special' to us.  Somehow we realize how very rare an event like this take place, actually meeting someone who just seems to fit like a 'cozy warm glove on a cold winter's day'.  In essence, it is an 'absolute miracle' that happens between two people.

But there are also challenges involved, even in the midst of such special relaationships.  There will be times of 'great joy and yes, even heartbreak', and everything in between.  But if the friendship is 'taested, tried and true', builta on a 'rock solid foundation' of mutual caring and respect, it will weather all storms that come to test it.  For it is like a 'diamond in the rough'.    Things of such value:  'beauty. love, caring, respect, generosity and hope can never be destroyed.  For they last a lifetime.  The 'AFTERGLOW' remains in the 'heart, mind, body and soul' forever.


Brian D. Bailey

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        06-03-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is truly a beautiful piece and
it touches my heart to read such a lovely poem . Its such a piece of pure honesty something rare indeed but I will admit that its so beautiful that had to read it again and again.
Thank You for sharing a poem so touching to my soul.

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