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by skipper (Age: 75)
copyright 04-23-2013

Age Rating: 4 +

Some of the old timers might remember this one. I learned it while I was in Boy Scouts at the age of 10. I have shared it with all my grandchilren. Hope you enjoy it also. Again this is not something I wrote!!


It is a song.


Oh, I stuck my head in a little skunks hole

And the little skunk said:

"Take it out, Take it out, take it out, Remove it

and if you dont take it out you'll wish that you had

take it out take it out take it out remove it"


#sound of spraying skunk#

I removed it!



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        02-26-2014     Susan Brown        

Hi Skipper,
I can recall reading sheet music daily as a ten year old in music class. I believe the teacher had an interest in history because she referred to all her music as folk music. The authors came from a multitude of many different countries. She would come to class dressed in the style of the county of the day. Had she heard this song she would have dressed like a boy scout. Enjoyed.

        07-21-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Skipper,
Love it,

Won’t stick my head in a little skunk hole,
Then I won’t say …Phewy…,
Bless your soul,

It’s nice to look back on the classics,

Thanks for sharing,

        07-09-2013     Megan Johnston        

this poem is adorable and the funny thing is if someone actually stuck their hand in a skunk's hole the skunk would probably be thinking something like this before spraying someone.

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