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Stand in Time

by betterthingstocome
copyright 04-28-2013

Age Rating: 13 +

**Stand in Time**
Making us fools in our own little mess
Every day we are put to the test
Asking God to guide us through
You must believe He is true
Praying for what is right
Teaching us to fight
Keeping from harm
Holding us in his arms
Know we are never alone
Battles fought are not our own
We must be ready to take a stand
Standing armored with our Bibles in hand

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        12-29-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

Wow this was powerful. Really amazing, the rhyming, the rhythm and the concept especially. It's good you have a strong grasp on your faith. I feel time does make fools of us all, but if we believe in God, we will be strong. We all face battles against the world, but it doesn't compare to the war we are to face in the future. But with God's help we will fight strong and true. Excellent job with this. God bless.

        04-29-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is a really good poem because I can relate to it in many ways. I love this tapestry its a very good read and very true too Its a great read way to go.
Keep up the great work.

        04-29-2013     phoenix        

wonderful poem as a Pentecostal christian i am excited to see poems such as this about the lord and what he stands for and what it means to be a christian as you said armored heat to toe in the armor of the god bibles in hand

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