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Sweet Agony Left Behind

by Rachel Brown (Age: 29)
copyright 04-28-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

My  body  

achs    for   the  man   who  has 

given   me  a  chance    to prove   myself,

He  knows   where I   live  my life

and   how  I  express  myself  in  oh 

so  many  way  proven  true

yet  he  holds   me  ever  dearer    than  life  itself;

I   cannot   love  him   though I   love  someone else

dearest   to  my  soul   than    the    most  precious 

of   moments  left    to  be  held   true in   so  many  ways

he   wants  me   yet  I  cannot    have   him    because  he

belongs  to  another woman   more  beautiful   than  I .

This  is  fine    

because   I   too  belong  to   someone  

different     than  he'll     ever   be,

I   know   right   from   wrong  

and   never  will   we  ever  be  apart

for   anything  in  the   world 

because  I   know   we  will   always   be    together

ever  stronger   than      any  couple   could   ever   be;

I  will   always  be  a  part   of   the sweet  agony  left

behind    by    the   past  events    

that  have  scarred  me

beyond   repair.

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        04-29-2013     phoenix        

interesting poem i love it though i like how its sorta got a love triangle thing going on guy likes but you with some one else and there's another that likes you but you cant have him because he is with someone good poem

left curlique right curlique
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