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Part 4 creation of midnight dancers

by phoenix (Age: 24)
copyright 06-03-2013

Age Rating: 16 +

Midnight dancers


I hold you gently as we dance under the shining moon sea of stars and endless skies

as i sweep you gracefully off your feet we dance to our hearts soft beat

our spotlight shines down from the heavens erasing the wounds and scars of the day

we need not remeber this ever for the dance we share goes on forever

i pull you close you hold me tight

we are the dancers of midnight


Please note that everything in this story is true and is written just like it happended


This is how the fourth and final poem I wrote for the the woman in these stories came to be after I wrote my love I went out for a walk probably around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning to do some thinking I felt horrible for missing her prom so I had it in my mind that if I missed her last one that when ether she or I visted each other for the first time since she moved away I was going to load a nice slow song on my phone get a pair of ear buds and take a walk with her to the park on a night with a full moon and sea of stars in the sky ask her to dance and and play the music and just me and her slowly dance in the moonlit park a party of two after then maybe lay and gaze at the stars for a bit this was also the night I was planning on kissing her for the first time alas though I never got the chance to give her the poem or lay on one her a day or two after prom she left me so she wouldn't have anything holding her back when she went to college when she told me I swear it felt like a dagger made out of ice just pierced my heart but I din't get mad at her I knew it was a difficult choice for her to make and i'll admit I probably contributed to her leaving I rarely ever called her but that was because I was betrayed and hurt by a lot of people when I was younger that gave me a fear of letting people in because I was afraid they would hurt me I let someone in before and she cheated on me also we couldn't video chat because I couldn't figure out how to get the camera to work despite that though I let her in and I ended up falling in love with her and even depsite the phone and video chat problems I was always their for here when she needed me id be up till 3:00 in the morning talking to her when she was having a bad day even if I was dead beat tired heck I probably would have even jumped in front of bullet for her and even though she left me and has moved  she will always be in my heart and I will always love her even after iv moved on because real love never fades and you never forget your first real love this concludes the series the original 4

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        07-02-2013     phoenix        

ya but it was more then just that it was also supposed to be a special moment for me and her but never happened

        07-01-2013     jeannelight        

The idea of dancing away your problems and negativity is so good. We all need outlets like that when we fear the reality around us. Thanks for the nice dream.

        06-08-2013     phoenix        

indeed they are hard but nothing worth doing is ever easy is it

        06-08-2013     betterthingstocome        

Hello Phoenix
I have really enjoyed your writings and the way that you are willing to share how you were inspired to write them.
This writing makes me ponder. Yes relationships are hard when close by let alone those that are at a distance.

        06-05-2013     phoenix        

ok my mistake there is a i in line 5 lol

        06-04-2013     phoenix        

ok i capitalized the i in lines 2 and it was 4 not 5 there is no i in line 5

        06-04-2013     phoenix        

lol thanks for pointing that out i mostly post stuff in the late hours of the night because its quiet and i sometimes forget about the small details like that

        06-04-2013     Jennifer Campbell-Kletzli        

So sad to hear that the relationship ended. Long distance relationships are always difficult to maintain.

Again, you have put together a lovely piece that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

I noticed your capitalization in this one. You need to capitalize I in lines 2 and 5 and I will change your rating to 5 :)

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