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by fatalflaw
copyright 06-22-2013

Age Rating: 16 +

the silhouette of the mountains grey

i don't mind its o.k.

a dip divides the mountain tops

stars flicker as the daylight drops

darkness covers the valley floor

she swings on my rocker back and forth

an invisible vapors in the air

coagulating my blood

but i don't care

her words are gentle soft and true

my brain goes stagnet on what to do

is it fate reaching for my hand

or lust which i understand

i stand up and say goodnight

walk in the house

and turn out the light. .

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        10-18-2013     Rachel Brown        

A gorgeous tapestry woven true
in many many ways I love this poem its touching and moves my soul . I am deeply impressed by this poem so beautiful and moving too keep writing and I'll read on
my dear friend .

        06-22-2013     betterthingstocome        

Oh how this writing reminds me of times past in my life. Times that are well spent and we get back through memories. I guess I'd have to agree in moments when we. Feel.emotion it's hard to tell the difference between fate n lust. Later though our memories we can start to see. nice writing Fatalflaw. Thank you for sharing with us.

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