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News at 2:00am

by jeannelight
copyright 07-01-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

This morning    I awoke early

turned on my radio    an old fashioned walkman...

and caught up with the news

       Fighting in Egypt

Celebration in Hong Kong

                      FIRE in Arizona...

President in Africa...

so many things are happening

Development and Progress abound

along with democracy...

I hope what I hear

is real...I need to be real...

while living my strange life

        We all need this

to keep us balanced, educated

                                     and informed...


We all strive for unity and common ground

                                    across the globe                   optimistically


We discuss things in the world


Congratualtions on gay marriages

Changes happening                     everywhere


Life from point A to point B

The straightess line we can draw...


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        09-18-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Jeannelight,

News at 2:00am

I have read your poem several times,
And have also had friends read it in an attempt to extract an exact meaning,
The fact that it was interpreted in different ways by different readers,
Makes it poetically well-structured in my estimation,
Artistically speaking that is to say,
It is deserving of a good praise,
Based solely on that ground,
Being a Christian,
Not by phony church standards, putrid in blind acceptance,
But by Christly standards, of steadfast means,
Straight from the Good Book, both Old and New Testament alike,
I must let it be known to you and to all,
That I Denounce,
Yours or any congratulations given on gay or lesbian marriage,
For it is truly an abomination,
(The Little Train That Could Not),
Standing without purpose or prospect,
Reeking sinfully of Satanís generosity,
That detestable liberty of seeking oneís own self-satisfaction, and nothing more,
Do not misunderstand me Jeannelight,
I am not throwing YOU to the wolves,
Just the ideals that you poem seems to suggest,

May God rest His blessing of truth and wisdom on you,

You might consider some authorís notes on this type work,
To make perfectly clear your standings,
I am basing my interpretation of this poem solely on some key phrases,
If I mistook its meaning, I apologize,

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