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Highland Winter

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 07-13-2013

Age Rating: 13 +

Swift and silent,

last red beams of sunset


across the sea of saltbrush, bracken,

briar and heather

shadowing the crofters' huts,

leaving in its purple wake

dim safffron lamp

and flickering candle's glow.


North Sea wind that sweeps the Highlands,

drop your winter carpet

on the patient, suffering land.

Highland lass and laddie

sit cozy round

a small but chary hearth

and share a song

and a spot of tea.


Long winter nights

they cuddle and caress,

forget the keening of the frosty wind

and await the coming bairns

of far off summer.


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        08-30-2013     Wayne Thomas        

To answer your question--and thank you for the kind words--it's about my ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands. I belong to Sept (sub-clan) Thomas of clan Campbell of Argyle, though one of my Grandmothers was clan Mattheson. Hope this helped.

        08-28-2013     phoenix        

Pretty good poem winter is my favorite season but which highlands are you talking about. The Scottish highlands or some other high lands? ether way keep on writing and I hope to see more.

        07-15-2013     Susan Brown        

Hi Wayne,
This tale pulls one deep into the fold of winter. The coming bairns of far off summer leave a unique and magical lingering sound... behind. I enjoyed the breeze as well as the view.

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