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A Poet's Love

by dodeydee
copyright 07-21-2013

Age Rating: 13 +

She walked alone in pouring rain
And looked towards the mountain peak
Oh Lord, she cried, it's love again
He takes my breath and leaves me weak

He brings the stars with rays of love
A poets heart with golden pen
If not an angel from above
Then surely Lord a king of men

That I would have him rule my heart
To be his muse, his lifelong mate
His virtues Lord I would impart
Till heaven called me to its gate

And when the angels beg me tell
What makes me smile there up above
I'll tell them I have loved so well
For I have known, a poets love.

Dodey Dee

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        12-26-2014     Wayne Thomas        

Beautifully written, easy to follow, and tugs at the heartstrings of us all, I'm sure. I once long ago began a poem with the phrase, "Love is the stuff of poets." Once again I am vindicated, for you are truly a poet! Well done and well said.

        09-04-2013     Nivedita Rajan        

I've always said that if there's anyone out there who can make a person fall in love with them just through a few simple words, it's a poet.
I thought this poem summed up rather succinctly the power behind words and the sheer possibility of what can be done with them... as long as they were strung together just so!

        08-03-2013     Rachel Brown        

A tapestry as pure as the love
of god yet no words can say enough about how good this poem is . I am truly speechless on the beauty of this poem.
I love it.

        08-02-2013     Frank Fields        

So nice! So good. So well done. You have touched mine own poet's heart with this and that's a task hard done. From title to ending, enchanting. A beautifully woven tapestry. My compliments. ^^

Frank :)

        07-28-2013     Susan Brown        

This lifted my inner spirit. Every line fit and complimented each other so naturally from beginning to end. This felt sincere, real, and very refreshing to ponder- and pour over. Truly enjoyed!

        07-27-2013     cookie333        

Your perfect rhyme created a tempo and flow that matched this reader. Ahhh, to be the poet's muse, what inspiration your words have given. This one read like a dream and I was sorry when I reached the end, wanting it to continue...
thank you,

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