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His Understanding

by dodeydee
copyright 07-24-2013

Age Rating: 13 +

She took the rose and held it to her lips
Enshrined therein a mem'ry, her's to keep
So soft the petals 'neath her fingertips
That made her bow her head and gently weep

She felt a hand upon her shoulder there
My love , he cried, why do you tremble so
She smiled, dismissing it as cold night air
And wiped the tears that he may never know

He pulled her close and gently kissed her brow
With tearfilled eyes, he said, I understand
Some things are better left un-said for now
And then he took the rose from out her hand

She slowly turned and followed him indoors
The rose, he'd laid upon her poetry book
My dear, he said, these memories are yours
And then her hand in his he gently took

Sweet love, he sighed, we all have memories
And there are those that bring us untold pain
My greatest wish, to see you free of these
For only then you'll truly love again

That night she dream't of roses in a stream
And watched each one drift slowly out of view
She felt a kiss so warm within her dream
And then toward the clouds a white dove flew

The brand new dawn with happiness was laced
And once again she knew what love was for
Along the corridor her bare feet raced
Was then she gently tapped upon his door.

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