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by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 07-25-2013

Age Rating: 4 +

I love nature as the free form of the little creatures and the world around them:

Written by Mae Stein


In a far off distance where time uncurled

Where the sun steps down; behind the world

In the evening night with the love that spars

All under the beauty; of spotting stars


Two butterflies appear to kiss the sun

To bid good night as the long day's done

The hills stand so comfy facing towards land

While the magic in life takes its command


Life has chosen the nature of all this

Blessed as the love of life throws its kiss

Giving many thanks for the love that shows

Painting a picture while the magic flows


The night owl hoots and nightingale sings

This magical night that our nature brings

The lightning bugs dance; while wings widely stir

The magic at nighttime; hearts can endure


At dawn as the sun peaks past the hill

The blue jay sings on its loving will

Butterflies clap sparkling wings in tune

Bidding good day to the magic moon


The sun pours a stream of warm rays bright

Lighting the blue skies with heavens’ light

Waking earth with a day to begin

Blessing its love; all over again

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        12-02-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

Sorry I wasn't paying attention and sent an email instead of a comment. This is really lovely. It really painted a nice picture. There is magic in nature, and nature truly is a wonderful blessing. It created really pretty scenery and imagery in my mind. I really enjoyed reading this. It made me happy. I found my self taking a walk at night under moonlight in a nature park. Really beautiful. This is very well written, great job. God bless.

        09-15-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Mae,

Your poem makes me wish I was back out in the south west, especially now that winter is approaching.
That great outdoors, one just cannot say enough well about it. It is now September, and early fall in New England is just dandy, but then comes that bitter cold winter, and Iíll be wishing I was out there in that Arizona sun shine.
That is the one thing that I miss most about living in southern California, those nice warm winters, strolling down Huntington Beach in a tee shirt and cut offs seeing those sunshiny blessings of warm magic, in the middle of February.
Late spring, summer and early fall in New England, I canít get enough, but winter in the Northeast, I have no need for it.
Your great outdoors, stays great, while ours get froze over, you lucky Gal.

Thanks for another great poem Mae, be safe and God Bless.

        08-01-2013     Frank Fields        

Oh my! What to say? Would that I had written this is my thought right now. Beautiful, Mae. ^^

Frank :)

        07-26-2013     dodeydee        

How beautiful Mae. The imagery is stunning and your rhyme and flow perfect..We are so blessed to have all these wonderful gifts from nature.
Perfect rhyming couplets that make for easy reading and your chosen words made me sigh for their beauty. Bravo my friend..A wonderful start to my day to find this little gem..
Smiles and Blessings to you..dodeydee (Dee)

Little typo...( 'while' wings widely stir )

left curlique right curlique
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