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Tanka - Rivers Flow

by Rachel Brown (Age: 29)
copyright 08-03-2013

Age Rating: 16 +

Time so   rarely   

thought  of   yet    I   cannot

help but,  

feel a certain  peace 

of all     has   so

 happened  in   the  past,

is  it   wrong   to   feel    this  love  from  the  river's  flow?

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        08-08-2013     betterthingstocome        

A river is a wonderful peace of mind. It forever refreshes, it always has life, there is no end nor beginning. Amazing how a river flows so seamlessly. Just like life itself, full of boulders and rocks, torrents and whirlpools, and life and death yet full of love and compassion, glistening lights sparkling from the surface, and coolness in the summer breeze how could we not love the flow of the river when it resembles life itself and the struggles we go through to get to where we are supposed to be.
Thank you for inspiring and uplifting.

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