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by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 08-04-2013

Age Rating: 13 +



At a big reunion, two years ago

The gathering became an over flow

My brother handed me; when in his yard

A hundred dollar bill tucked in a card


I said “hey bro, why?  You need this I’m sure”

My eyes had watered from a tear drop blur

 “Sis if you don’t take this, the doctor’s will”

So I thanked him much for the gifted bill.


I felt bad taking it, but worse to refuse

For he was living life on a short end fuse

I thanked him dearly, but sad from within

For I knew I’d never see him again


He passed away not long after that day

It seemed so quick; as time’s rushing away

Once we get older; all time passes by

As we keep on living; we wonder why


Sending the money; tucked in a nice card

Of a hundred; his death lifelessly jarred

To brother’s family as his life had passed

They sent me a note at what had surpassed


 He chopped down a dead tree before he died

His wife bought a maple and planted inside

the old tree.  Same money; sent, for his loss

To cover his ashes in soil topped with moss


It bloomed this spring since my brother’s now gone

The tree of a hundred dollars grows on

She talks to the tree and sings his best song

Like he’s there for her;  to comfort her on

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        09-25-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Mae,
The One Hundred Dollar Bill,
Full of generosity,

You are fortunate to have come from a giving family, not so with me; as mine was anything but giving, it was more of a fend for yourself.
I learned in Vietnam the Lesson of here today gone tomorrow; it is never easy to lose friend or family.
Nice poem Mae, be safe and God bless,

        09-03-2013     Nivedita Rajan        

This is beautiful! I never knew my brother since he died before he was born, but I suspect that had I known him, I would have loved him just as much as described in this poem.
It shows the little ways in which a person can touch another person's life and even a materialistic connection can deepen to liken a bond from which new beginnings can spring.

        08-08-2013     betterthingstocome        

This was soooo touching and dear!
I just lost a brother not that long ago.
You left goose bumps on my arms and butterfly's in my tummy.
How, precious is the time we have and then to keep memories "alive" what a wonderful insight.
Thank you for sharing this heartfelt writing.

        08-05-2013     Susan Brown        

Lovely share. That's what we do for those we lose. We live for them as they themselves want for us... more than anything to continue to do. A maple tree is a spectacular welcoming addition for her (the wife's) earthly existence. A new beginning forming from a solid ending. Very beautiful scene, Mae. Anyway you look at it.

        08-05-2013     dodeydee        

Sad and also beautiful Mae...The more I read on the more my eyes blurred over. What an amazing story,and with your beloved brothers wife planting the maple for you all to share a beautiful lasting memory...The Tree Of A Hundred Dollars..That is such an amazing title for another poem, maybe a continuation of this work.
So sad for the loss of your brother. Perfect rhyme and flow, your choice words bring clear images to ones mind in the reading.

Bravo Mae..Without a doubt written from your loving heart..and I wouldn't change a thing about it.. it is a true pouring of emotion and love. Thank you for sharing ~

Blessings to you my friend..Dee

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