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The Rifleman,

by Mike Farr (Age: 66)
copyright 08-21-2013

Age Rating: 10 +
The Rifleman,
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Back in the late fifties and the early sixties it was just about every young lads dream to be like Lucas McCain and sport that nifty Winchester 44-40, twerling to your heart content.
Well I had me one of those nifty Winchesters, so I decided to pen this silly littl poem after  reminiscing my cowboy twerling days.
So enjoy,
All you Sodbustes and Ranchers,
I watched the Rifleman,
Each Sunday night,
He twirled his gun,
Man - what a sight,
And when those bad guys,
Came to town,
He’d take that Gun,
And mow um down,
No Hanging Judge,
Did they need there,
That Rifleman,
Could clear the air,
Why he’d just shoot,
And shoot,
And shoot,
And shoot,
And shoot…….,
When I had that Riflemans – Rifle,
My Arms were short,
That Gun was Long,
And the Gash in my head was Deep,
I learned to twirl my Fanner Fifty instead,

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        05-12-2015     Jeff Holt        

Isn't it kinda funny...back then the Good guys always the end. On tv now, it seems that isn't true.
The rifleman was one of my favorites, still is.
Thanks Mike, God Bless,

        10-22-2013     Regina Lehman        

Very good poem.. I love watching the Rifleman..I watch Rifleman all the time in the evening.He is a God fearing man who does what is right and teaches his son good values too.

        09-17-2013     phoenix        

Nice poem for a great actor and guy my dad got to meet the rifle man once. Shooting though is fun and relaxing would recommend it to just about anyone.

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