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God's Tree

by Regina Lehman
copyright 09-19-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

God's Tree
I think I shall never
see a poem as lovely
as a tree. 

A tree that can
endure the snow
while listening
to the wild winds

A tree's formation
of branches have
a lot strength,but
yet they are of no
special length.

A tree will show
it's beauty for
the world to see
each leaf has a
distinctive color,
and is shaped

A tree can live
for many years
producing such
fruits as berries,
apples,and yellow

A tree is God's
creation since the
beginning of Adam,
and Eve it will take
root when you plant
a little seed. 

A tree is comforting
for a mother bird as
she gathers straw to
make a soft nest
for her new born
babies who need a
peaceful rest. 

A trees wood is used
for a beautiful fire
place it will keep a
house warm preparing
for the cold season,
and Winter storms. 

A tree has an assortment
of many colored leaves
pressed in between the
pages of a book will simply
give it a brand new look. 

A tree will make a
wonderful club house
for a little boy who
enjoys playing with
his favorite toys. 

A tree blossoms in the
Spring birds spread their
beautiful wings perched
upon a branch they
gracefully sing food
for her babies they will

A tree at Christmas time
is decorated with pretty
ribbons,and bows hanging
over the old wooden door
is a mistletoe. 

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        11-15-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Trees stand for a lot. They make a scenery stand
out with colors and beauty. I love trees as the birds and the bees and the coconut trees all belong to the beauty of man kind. Thank you so
much for sharing this delightful write. Hugs!

        11-14-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

Oh I love trees so much, I can't imagine a world without trees. You did such a good job capturing the true beauty of trees, and I love how you mentioned the power of trees in the story of Adam and Eve. I like to use trees as metaphors in most of my writing. They're beautiful, and I believe there's a story behind them, they stand so strong and they provide homes and decorations, I love them. Good job.

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