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The Different Traits Jesus And Satan

by Regina Lehman
copyright 09-24-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

The Different
Traits Of
Jesus and Satan
Jesus is all supreme
Satan is a fallen angel
who is defeated,and

Jesus is the truth
the life,and the way
Satan is a liar who
will lead you astray.

Jesus wants your
loving heart Satan
will only tear you

Jesus is all knowing,
and wise Satan will
cut you down to size.

Jesus wants you to
be spiritually glad
Satan will do his
best to keep you

Jesus will open your
spiritual eyes Satan
is the master of

Jesus wants you to
be reunited with him
Satan wants you to
keep living in sin.

Jesus is more then
willing to make your
soul clean Satan is
determined to keep
you mean.

Jesus is the best
person you will ever
know Satan wants
to destroy your inner

Jesus wants to teach
you how to pray Satan
will try to lead you

Jesus looks at Satan
as though he does not
exist Satan knows
in due time he will
only be a myth.

Jesus is the name
above all Satan wants
to see you spiritually

Jesus wants to save
your soul from within
Satan wants you to
die in your sins.

Jesus wants to fight
your battles for you
Satan wants you to
spiritually lose.

Jesus will forgive you
for the remission of
your sins Satan has
no power from within.

Jesus will help you
to spiritually grow
Satan wants you
to reap what you

Jesus knows how to
put the demons in
their place Satan
wants to destroy
the whole human

Jesus wants you to
read your bible every
day Satan does not
want you to know any
of Gods ways.

Jesus wants to give
you peace of mind
Satan will do his
best to be unkind.

Jesus always wants
you to be blessed
Satan does not
want your mind to

Jesus wants the
world to know that
Satan could never
be like him Satan
did not die for your
fleshly sins.

Jesus wants you to
realize that he really
does care Satan on
the other hand wants
to keep you running

Jesus wants you to
choose between the
kingdom of darkness,
and the kingdom of
light Satan wants to
see you lose your
spiritual fight.

Jesus wants to
heal your diseases
through his powerful
name Satan wants
you to believe that
your infirmities will
remain the same.

Jesus wants you to
know that the word
of God is quick,and
powerful than any
two edged sword
Satan wants you to
believe that Gods
word does not exist

Jesus wants you to
receive his gift of
salvation that is
given for free Satan
does not want you
to believe that
Jesus died at a
place called Calvary.

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        12-16-2013     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

The love for God and our savior is strong. Satan may want to win, but like before Satan will fall again! God is good! I hope you have a blessed day! Merry Christmas!A=men

        11-29-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Yes, everything you write is so true. We just have to keep our love of goodness in our hearts
and pray before our choices in life, we make.
I've seen evil, and I've seen good. I know that
good over takes the evil, as I have seen.

Your poem is a binding love from right and wrong.
Thank you so much for sharing this.

God Bless!!!!

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