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When I Hear The Name Jesus

by Regina Lehman
copyright 09-30-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

When I Hear The Name Jesus
When I hear the name Jesus it brings a smile to
my face that no one human being can erase.

When I hear the name Jesus I can feel his
presence so very strong praising,worshiping,
the old hymns,and hearing the power of his
name in each,and every song.

When I hear the name Jesus his spirit floods
my soul he washed me in his blood,and made
me as white as snow.

When I hear the name Jesus it reminds me of
who I am suppose to be he came to save a
wretch like me.

When I hear the name Jesus I realize that this
life is not about me he was the one who died
at Calvary.

When I hear the name Jesus it gives me the
desire to hold my bible close to my heart where
the words of God will never depart.

And reading each verse page by page day,and
night I have learned that I must live by faith
and,not by sight.

When I hear the name Jesus,Jesus,Jesus how I
love to say your name when I came a believer
my life began to change.

When I hear the name Jesus I want to thank him
for all that he has done for me the one who
came to set me free.

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        11-16-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

I feel the same way when I hear his name. It makes me happy, and me feel better about myself knowing that he saved me, and he's here with me. I would never deny Jesus, most of my friends though not Christian, know that I have accepted Jesus Christ, and they respect me for it, and I know he is proud of me, like I know he's proud of you and his other children. God bless you, great job.

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