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I Am Blessed

by Regina Lehman
copyright 10-09-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

Fan of Poetry

I Am Blessed 
God created me differently
he gave me my own personality
eyes that do not cry so easily.

A strong spirit readily to achieve
a triumphant glorious victory.

I understood my bible lessons
that I have learned salvation
was something I could not earn.

Distinguishing between good,
and evil I was able to discern
retaining God's knowledge was
my only concern.

From the crown of my head to
the souls of my feet I am blessed
when I go to sleep at night he gives
unto me a peaceful rest.

Tomorrow I will resume with my
trials,and test promising Jesus to
to do my very best.

I will provoke mankind to jealousy
I am a child of royalty.

I have been given the opportunity
to bind,and loose things that are
hindering me.

My soul is now completely free
over my life I shall degree his
perfect will for my destiny.

Jesus removed the anger upon my
face he replaced it with his loving
grace there are no more hurtful
memories not even a trace.

They have been supernaturally erased
hatred is something that my heart
will not embrace.

I take my Christianity seriously Jesus
is my main priority lifting up others
in prayer is my specialty.

Standing in agreement silently patiently
I will come unto them so graciously with
a heart that is neighborly.

As a follower of Jesus Christ I refuse to
be afraid of the terror by my night my
heart will not be filled with senseless

 A child of God who is precious in
his site the Lord will hold me in his
loving arms oh,so tight.

God has created me for a reason to
bring lost souls into his kingdom.

There will be changes during certain
seasons known unto God for his own

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        11-19-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

Oh another masterpiece. I love the concept of this poem. God has truly blessed us all with the strength to carry on in life & to stay true to him and our faith. I stand strong everyday, sometimes I feel like I'm in training when I give praise or read the bible or just go about my day. I know he at times he puts me through obstacles & trials to see if I am strong, yet I know he keeps me safe from the harm this world can inflict. Always stay true to yourself and your faith. Keep up the amazing writing. God bless.

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