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I Gave My Heart To Jesus

by Regina Lehman
copyright 10-27-2013

Age Rating: 18 +

I Gave My Heart To Jesus
Jesus was standing at the door waiting to invite
me in he convicted my heart of my earthly sins.

I give unto him the glory the honor,and the praise
he touched my heart in a special way.

He stretched out his hand unto me I have
been chosen to serve the king of kings.

I was a guilty sinner who needed to be born
again for the remission of my earthly sins.

He brought upon me a spiritual change
my inner being is not the same.

He took our sins upon himself so we might be free
he delivered us from oppression,sickness,and disease.

I was remorseful for my spiritual sins
a heavy burden I carried from within.

His presence was so over whelming I could do no
more,but to ask for his forgiveness forevermore.

I will not be defeated by the enemy
I am aware of his strategy.

He removed the bondage that was put
upon me an evil curse from the enemy.

I gave my heart to him willingly
my desire was to be set free.

He has taught me how to love once
again my soul belongs only to him.

He showed unto me his mercy,and grace
I looked upon his heavenly face.

He released the anger that lived inside of
me I earnestly pray for my enemies.

I am not going to give into Satan's ploys
his goal is to steal kill,and destroy.

Jesus wants me to seek his will for my life
the Son of God who is the living Christ.

All of God's promises I never received
I was to busy serving the enemy.

He revealed certain things going on in my life
I was not bringing glory unto Jesus Christ.

I will not hesitate to help those who are in need
it is far more better to give then it is to receive.

I belong to the Lion of Judah who watches over
me I am one of God's faithful sheep.

He gave me a choice to keep running free
Jesus will never force his love upon me.

I will fight supernatural battles with entities
by reading God's written word he gave unto me.

Satan was leading me in the wrong direction
my life was headed toward destruction.

I honor Jesus Christ who was born in a manger
we are now friends and no longer strangers.

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