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End of Summer

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 11-04-2013

Age Rating: 16 +


The naked impression he left

Finally the truth
Spilled forward
Long over-due, much like her slipper storybook ending

End of summer

I heard the familiar voice
In those lines

Glass shattering
A poet is penciling in
Her where abouts

...and after all that time
she was standing all alone, listing, maybe leaning just a little
but altogether upright


The naked impression he left

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        01-09-2014     Walter Jones        

And so it is the mirror of life breaks the dreams played, and we as summer ends in both life and reality leaves but a smile for wht has been, wondering what winter has to offer and are we able to accept the poet in the blades of glass and ice, enjoyed Walt

        12-06-2013     canaanmcgee        

Short, sweet, and subtle. I enjoyed this. Very straightforward. The thoughts of a lonely poet left with "The naked impression he left". I take naked as meaning completely stripped of thought and/or drained of imagination. Keep up the good work!

        12-03-2013     Shelby Slivkoff        

This is very subtle but very emotional, & it says alot. I got an image of a lonely writer & her muse just walked away from her forever & it just devastated her world. Its so melancholic. I think this is very well written & points out that writers are emotional which at times causes us to be in solitude. It says alot about our relations with others and the world around us. Very well said. Great job.

        11-15-2013     Frank Fields        

Another day, another reading or two or three....
Odd that I can place myself in this work. Universality I think is the word which applies. Is very excellent writing, Susan. ^_^

Frank :)

        11-13-2013     Frank Fields        

Very subtle. Very powerful. Very universal.


Frank :)

        11-11-2013     Alan Reed        

Ahh. You cannot fool me. She may be listing but her roots are like those of a tree, firmly planted in the mist o'er the sea. Haystack Rock leaning to grasp those first rays of light that brighten her day. Both subtle and forthright - thoughts that glance off the granite that sustains her beret. Naked the truth, be what it may. Shattered, possibly, yet stronger he. like Haystack Rock she will always be. After this summer we know she will never fall. A write that is soft in words yet shines much like a brilliant paperweight. Like.

        11-05-2013     Brittney N. Nasca        

A well done piece. I feel the essence of a lonely author who feels they have been drained and dried out of all creativity. I can see a girl on a dreary day with red and yellow sprinkling the lawn outside a window just above her writing desk. Summer has ended and with it her hope; hope as an author or hope as a person. Is she hopeless or is her writing? Wonderful.

        11-05-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

That is sheer poetry that leaves the impression
of a long summer, naked in the thoughts. A poet
penciling in her mind of broken shattering glass
while standing alone, listing as she writes, the Ending of Summer. Well done, Susan.

Hugs, Mae

        11-05-2013     phoenix        

Short and sweet the gaps of her life being filled in by the poet in the shadows and the impressions the man she loved made. good poem that is at what I got from it at least hope to see more.

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