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End of Surrender

by Shelby Slivkoff (Age: 25)
copyright 02-03-2014

Age Rating: 18 +

There was a time so long ago

When stories were told of those who fought bravely for

What they believed in     To preserve the fundamentals of human life      And paid

The ultimate price for freedom     But that was many

Years ago     No such stories in

This time exist anymore     We live now in a world where

We have lost control, lost the will to continue the fight      Fear and doubt has consumed

Us all, and we have come to accept that surrender is the

Only way for what they claim

Is peace     And look what it has come to now     All of us

Crushed into submission forced to serve those who patronize and lie to us      A world

Run by deceivers, and like fools we believed them, gave

Them every ounce of our trust

And loyalty     In return they control our every move and

Watch us suffer      Hope is lost, and the stories we were told are all but distant

Memories     Dreams for a new future are nothing more

Than pathetic ideas, ideas that

If said out loud will get us punished and contained

But if we continue to grow weaker, than what future do we have to look forward to

When they finally have broken us and shattered the

Last of our hope, are we to just

Give in to their every demand and keep silent in our fears

We have given them too much of our compliance, for far too long     It is time to

Stand up against the oppression they have forced on us

No longer will we live in

Ignorance     We will control our own future, we will

Follow our own path      Yet the path ahead is long and winding, and all could end

In sacrifice      Still we must not ever give up this fight

And if we should all die, then

We will die together in battle for our freedom     Reveal

To them our true strength, that we will no longer refrain and turn them into believers

Or let them crucify and taunt us     They see us as martyrs

But in the end we are warriors

And we know what it is to be saviors      We do not fear

Death, we know where our fate lies     There is no salvation, without sacrifice      When

 It is over we will still be standing      We will belong to

The ones that died for all



None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe

That they are free

- Goethe -



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        12-30-2014     Mike Farr        

Hello Shelby,

End of Surrender,

I must admit, you do have a superior state of mind, it is a bit unusual for a woman of these days to encourage battle to the bitter end, (you are a true Joan of Arc), moreover let it be known, our men also have whimpered down to the tune of surrender, or even worst, bear no arms against,

Truth be told, we are falling victim to the call of many Tongues and Nations that bear votes of protest within our ranks, as these enemyís among us support their cause by politically deterring a clean sweep of their comrades in arms that bring harmís way to our door.

Oh yes indeed Shelby, our enemies are dictating what to do, and the United Nations has become their playing field. Anyone that feels they can mix oil and water, in a collective stew pot, and get anything more than sludge, has rocks in their head.

And I stood upon the sands of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea,
An excellent piece of work, Soldier on, and God Bless,

        02-07-2014     Mae Futter Stein        

Thank you Shelby for your End of Surrender story.
We are less free as time goes by. I see things
changing in this world, as life keeps going. Sometimes it seems that we are but slaves of the world. When we get to heaven, our souls will be free with God, everlasting in love and harmony.
Good read, but needs punctuation at places. Thank
you for sharing. Be Blessed.....Hugs!

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