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God's Amazing Love (Acrostic)

by Anthony Lane Stahlhut (Age: 57)
copyright 03-01-2014

Age Rating: 13 +


God so loves us all
only our father could be so forgiving
don't ever be stopped by the fall

sins are abolished so continue living

Almighty Lord sent us a savior
mercy and love found in the message
a strong faith that will never waver
zealous loyalty lends you the passage
into Heaven for everlasting life
no faithful servant left behind
glorious existence void of strife

Love and forgiveness to others be kind
obey God's rules to avoid Satan's wrath
value all teachings and you will find
entrance to Heaven follow God's path

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        03-12-2014     Frank Fields        

As is known, until very recently, I very seldom comment on works with a religious tone or meaning. This one is a little bit different from the other works I've read and have been reading. It is a good work with a defined opening, progression, and ending. The imagery falls a bit short, but the strength and sincerity of the words easily carries the reader. Acrostic or not, this is a nice tapestry you've woven for us, Anthony. Thank you. ^^

Frank :)

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