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Where The Flowers Bloom

by Walter Jones (Age: 72)
copyright 03-17-2014

Age Rating: 16 +



Pretty dancer spinning her weave
Magic in a boy's heart
Of the warmth
Now it starts

Into the dark
Hearts on display
Lover of love
Reach for the wonders we stay

Cover the light in trails left bare
Count the hearts in love
What is your share

Silver the moon
Break a tale
Last of truth first of fail

And she is the wind
At candle light
Kiss the child
Hold the night

Prayers at pedestal
Rambling truth
Verse and chapter

Paid for pew
Fishes deep
As street turns

Into the dark
Holding hearts
Another view
Not much new

Park cold with breeze
Summer wind seeks
Souls lost
Loves me, loves me not

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        03-18-2014     Frank Fields        

"And she is the wind
At candle light
Kiss the child
Hold the night"

somehow, for me, defines this work. There is magick in your own pen and always draws a smile or brings a tear. But never can it be ignored.

Frank :)

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