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A Cricket's Song--A Haiku

by Frank Fields
copyright 03-24-2014

Age Rating: 4 +
A Cricket's Song--A Haiku
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Leaf hopper jumping
Sunshine crickets scolding song
Hungry wren away.

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        12-26-2014     Wayne Thomas        

So many haiku that aren't. So few that grab my attention. This one does. The picture and the poem meld nicely, obviously a product of more than passing thought. Nice work, as usual. Thanks. Wayne

        03-26-2014     Frank Fields        


Frank :)

        03-26-2014     Walter Jones        

Belly full. eyes wide, pride smiles, gifted word smith, and the day moves into spring, blanks filled in.. Walt

        03-26-2014     Mae Futter Stein        

The poor wren felt unwanted, perhaps not enough
attention or too much excitement. Nice Haiku, Frank. I love the little birds and the outdoor
animals. Right now we have some unwelcome honey bees that won't leave. We've tried everything to get rid of them, but they just keep multiplying.
We've called an expert and they sprayed, but the bees are back again. Thanks you for the lovely Haiku that cheered me up.....Hugs!

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