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by dodeydee
copyright 07-30-2014

Age Rating: 16 +


Buried Sorrows


Across the dusty valley lightning streaked
The gusting winds brought havoc into play
As shutters thrashed and rusty hinges squeaked
Awaking her to face another day

What once she'd known, she'd never know again
Not with him gone and her left to her prayers
There from her lonely bed she rose in pain  
To touch and cling to all that once was theirs
She begged the lightning cease and winds be still
And cursed loves loss with all its aching woe
She knew as yet she'd many tears to spill
Before the grip of sorrow let her go

Upon his grave she places lavender
While down below her buried sorrows stir.


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        05-29-2015     Megan Johnston        

this is a sad poem but it was a good read, good job i hope to read more like this in the future :)keep up the good work (gives thumbs up)

        12-28-2014     Jacqueline Ives        

Another one of yours where I felt I could have been a bit more critical. It is the last line. It gives me a creepy feeling that I believe is unintentional on your part.

        11-25-2014     Alan Reed        

Nicely done. I think the story is believable, can see it. But it looks to me like you might have been toying with the pattern of the verse and with that left a very slight softness ... in the message ... possibly a bit contrite? I really like it.

        10-12-2014     phoenix        

Lovely, beautiful and very sad its a short and sad sonnet that kind of makes you think about things. You know the saying though it was better to have love and lost then to have never loved at all.

        08-31-2014     Jeff Holt        

I didn't read a sad piece, but rather a outpouring of a deeply sorrowful heart.
I really like the visual in the first stanza.
Very nice write!

        08-19-2014     Frank Fields        

Especially liked the last line of this very nice write. Gives thoughts of things that won't stay gone, but must follow the emotional bid of love.
As has been said: fine writing, this. ^^

Frank :)

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