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A Man and his Pipe

by phoenix (Age: 24)
copyright 12-25-2014

Age Rating: 16 +

A Man and his Pipe



On the porch a man and his pipe

Striking his match and lighting his Briar not once, not, twice, but thrice

A charing light, a false light, a true light then poof....

He disappears in rhythmic puffs of fire, smoke and ash

Nature at his feet and the bustling world in the back of his mind

The modern people will spit and curse at him but the men of old will understand

A wise man once said

A pipe is the fountain of contemplation, the source of pleasure,

The companion of the wise;

And the man who smokes, thinks like a philosopher, and acts like a Samaritan

The ignorant will laugh, but the men of leaf and briar will understand

For this is what entails a man and his pipe


I was smoking my Briar pipe one afternoon and thinking as I usually do, when smoking. And this poem came to me, people in the modern world are so afaid of death and sickness and so concerned with the activities of others that they neglect themselves. While pipe smokers like myself and those of our community enjoy the smiple pleasures of life, staying relaxed and content which leads to a better and longer life but only other pipe smokers seem to understand this. Hopfully this poem will give you some insight and a look into the mind of a tobacco pipe smoker for when we light our pipes we put the modern world away and delve into our own community of people our own world so to speak, talking, relaxing, enjoying each others company and talking about the good ole days.

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        01-25-2016     phoenix        

Thank you Susan

        12-17-2015     Susan Brown        

In days of old, regal old gentlemen enjoyed a pipe once in a grand while. The aroma was a treat for the company they were keeping, generally. Most things in moderation are as you say, worth the risk. Interesting piece. Direct yet easy on the eyes.

        01-02-2015     phoenix        

Thank you, I actually just finished another similar poem except it refers to cigar smoking.

        01-01-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Phoenix,

This poem reminds me of my grandfather sitting in his under shirt with his ear glued to the radio, listing to Red Sox Baseball, while puffing away on his pipe. Oh those great days of leisure. You are so right; people today spend far too much time worrying about their demise, weather it be physical, or financial. We are no more lay back, but always in a full sprint to go no where in a hurry.

Great job Phoenix,

        12-29-2014     phoenix        

O yea I enjoy cigar smoking as well both pipe and cigar smoking are great ways to relax.

        12-27-2014     Jeff Holt        

I like this poem. I recently have discovered the same thoughts where cigar smokers are concerned.
I see people who indulge in a fine cigar, contemplating politics, life and their own thoughts, while savoring the taste of a fine cigar. Most take the time to STOP and savor life for a hour.
Keep writing. Your thoughts are appreciated!

        12-26-2014     phoenix        

Mmk the spelling corrections are done, and also I did already know about them, it was just much to late at night. When I posted it, to make corrections. But I do thank Wayne for reminding me, I had almost forgotten.

        12-26-2014     phoenix        

I actually did realize those spelling errors and I will be correcting them tonight sometime, but thank you for reminding me.

        12-26-2014     Wayne Thomas        

I don't smoke but a well-done piece is a well-done piece. So true, we don't often hear from the other side. Interesting viewpoint, nicely stated. A few remarks: Do check your spelling (poch-porch, disapears-disappears, and Samaritan-capitalize.) Trivial stuff, but will improve the piece. Ah, now to see what else you've shared with us!

        12-26-2014     Jacqueline Ives        

I think the beautifully written poem explains itself, possibly the added text adds something, I think a poem should explain itself. Shouldn't it be "porch"? I suppose people are more worried about smoking these days, but pipe smoking is probably the most harmless form.

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