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by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 07-31-2015

Age Rating: 10 +



Thank you, God,

for the spring blossom,

for the new young leaves on the trees,

for birdsong,

for fragrance,

for the bright sunshine

enhancing the colours of the flowers,

after the long winter.


Thank you for the long winter past,

for Christ at Christmas,

for warmth and light and family

at the darkest time of the year.

Thank you for winters past,

for childhood and children,

for the knobbly feel of gifts in stockings,

for playing in the crisp white snow.


Thank you for Christ at Christmas,

for warmth and light and family,

but some have no such joy.


Thank you for summer flowers,

for birdsong,

for fragrance,

for long summer eves in the garden,

butterflies and murmuring bees,

for holidays by the sea,

for the warm caress of the sun,

the  soft caress of the rain.


Thank you for stormy  Autumn’s beauty,

the colours of leaves and berries,

for mists, for fruit and harvest.

The sap’s flow changes.

The squirrels hoard their nuts,

and all must prepare  ...

My favourite season in youth

  - now tinged with a touch of fear.







There is no God without beauty;

there is no beauty without God.


How can I feel again, O God,

the love I  had for you in my childhood and youth?

Sometimes now, not seeing you,

I ask:  “Who is it I loved?”


“Love me in those you love,

 and  in all the  creatures.

Find me in the beauty you feel in Nature.”


There  is no God without beauty;

there is no beauty without God.




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        04-10-2016     Jeff Holt        

I love "The Seasons Psalm" wonderfully done!
A beautiful tribute to the seasons God gives us and the simple creations of which one can admire daily and be truly thankful for. "There is no God without beauty" truly reinforces the first.

        12-12-2015     Wayne Thomas        

Jehovah said through Jeremiah: "My word is like a hammer." So with these poems--sparsely worded, heavy on the clout. They make us think, something that seems rare these days. Bravo! Keep it up!

        12-04-2015     Wayne Thomas        

Good to hear from you again! That last line of section one was a hammer-blow, eh! All in all an excellent statement--and a decent touch--of feeling. Reminds me of things past and present--and what is coming. Some viewpoints differ, but I like it. Keep it up! Wayne

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