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by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 02-18-2016

Age Rating: 18 +

Sham, we hiddle deep

Earth engulfs
In rows we sleep

Nary a sound
Lull- a-bye

The poets
appear to have checked out
And now dwell
in this near, but ever so far, place
called hiatus

Sham, we hiddle deep


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        08-03-2016     Walter Jones        

Smiles and hugs, always just a stop away, we write and like the sound of wind move to the next drop of dew on the dawn. Glad to see you here, reminds me of the wonder of voices recalling so much more than words, Walt

        04-14-2016     Andrea Carter Salas        

Nevermind, yes you can still purchase dues. And mine has already been updated. So just letting everyone know just incase :) Also, I noticed Prose-n-Poetry on facebook is still active! I've been getting responses from there from the new owner!

        04-12-2016     Andrea Carter Salas        

Oh, I meant to ask. What about dues? Is there still a way to pay them to keep them current? I noticed that there are barely any people left that has their dues still current.

        04-12-2016     Andrea Carter Salas        

I truly hope this isn't the end of P-n-P. Today was the day I found out about Bob's passing, and I am deeply saddened by this even though its been about 1 1/2 years before I ever really knew.. It still struck me rather painfully

        04-10-2016     Jeff Holt        

I applaud the question, now I'm drawn in!
Now my mind is forced to ponder the answer. Nice write, restrained, but poses a daunting inquest of the poets demise.

        03-17-2016     Wayne Thomas        

I love it, love it, love it! I too have wondered where have all the writers gone, long time passing? You may think it strange just a little, but this poignant little gem reminds me strongly of, yes, Professor Tolkien. It just breathes of Middle Earth and its wonderful little, meaningful little ditties! I should have another piece or two of my own before long--they're in the works. Glad to see you're still with us. Quoth the Bard: "The man in the moon himself came down one night to drink his fill!" (?? Ahh, but of course!)
Yours, Wayne

        03-08-2016     Susan Brown        

Jacquelinn, so nice to see you on my page. Thank you, and yes, it is our custom to comment so everyone can share and maybe even learn a trick or two here at PnP from our fellow writers.

Sham is Irish slang for friend. "Hiatus" covers the living here as well as the "missing" poet friends wherever they be? As the years fall to the side, we tend to drop off. For me, hiddle can go either way. It means huddled and/or yes...hiding. Thanks for commenting!

        03-01-2016     Jacqueline Ives        

I love "hiddle" like a cross between "hidden" and "huddle". And the atmosphere of the next two lines. And the oldy-worldness of "nary".
Is the "hiatus" between this world and the next?
Why have all the poets gone?
Who is "Sham"?
Having been accused the other day of not understanding someone's poem (simply because I did not comment on it properly) I am a bit wary, but YOUR poem really is mysterious, and I see on your page that you like spookiness.
Well done.

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