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Father Time

by Jeff Holt
copyright 02-16-2002

Age Rating: 18 +

Father Time

When I was so much younger, I gave no thought to time,
the toll it takes on the body, the tricks it plays on the mind.
Thoughts that seem as yesterday, were many years ago,
Memories...some as peaceful, as winters newly driven snow.
Occasionally, Father Time will restore to me,
a glimpse of yesteryears , and simple memories.

Sunday lunch at Grandma's house;
carrots and roast on my plate.
A big tall glass of sweet tea,
sweet potato pie or cake.

Riding my bicycle, down every street in town.
Playing cards- popping on the spokes,
thought I was....the coolest kid around.

Oh yes, the school bus bully, I think Willie was his name.
I fought him once in chivalry, but my eye blackened just the same.

Then, there was that first sweetheart, the girl who caught my eye.
But I would never tell her, for if someone found out- I would surely die.

To the Junior Prom, my first date, first time to use the car,
Wait all night to steal a kiss, until gazing at the stars.

Friday night football games, pre-game revelry,
Pep rallies in the gym, but will the coach play me?.

Then somehow all my time, slipped away from me,
married, go to work each day, not much for memories.

Doctor says,"It's a girl, Dad come weigh her in."
Excitedly I show her off, first glimpse for family and friends.

Pictures of yesterdays not yet faded by time,
how could the children grow so fast, I feel so left behind.
Images of days gone by... flutter through my mind,
For some of life's memories, escape from Father Time.

Jeffery D. Holt © 01/25/02

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        05-16-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Jeff,

Father Time,

I remember all those things you mentioned, especially the pep-rallies; they were usually the last block of the day, I used to skip out on them, only got caught once, landed me a week’s worth of detention.
We go from care free times, no bills, fists full of money, fast cars, and young girls that are even more care free then we, to not enough time, delinquent bills, mini vans, and ageing Mamas that track every move we make.
I’m lucky though, I found my match, she doesn’t play boss, and she’s crazier then I am, and that’s pretty friggen crazy, but she’s crazy in a good way.

Great poem Jeff, I like those strolls down memory lane.

        05-14-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I really like the way you wrote this and how true are your words. Wish you were still around. I bet your new work is even better! Thanks, Anthony

        03-06-2002     Melissa Rives        

This is beautiful in the memories it captures. A lovely write, and who can escape Father Time? Well written!

        02-21-2002     Wendy Lou Stokley        


        02-19-2002     Nan Jacobs        

This is so poignant. I wasn't sure if I wanted to chuckle or sniffle... Nice to have you here, Jeff. :-)

        02-17-2002     Bob Church        

This about says it all, Jeff. Good job. I hope you'll share some more of your work with us.

        02-17-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

Very well done, I liked this a lot!!

        02-16-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

Welcome to PNP nice write look forward to many more. Peggy

        02-16-2002     Betty Eskdale        

Really enjoyed this kaliedoscope of memories........nice to meet you Jeff

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