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Young Brave

by Nancy Pawley
copyright 03-01-2002

Age Rating: 7 +

The feathered plumage that I wore
I had gathered, accumulated them one by one
Since the ceremonial night
of my dream-journey from boy to man

My consecrated headdress signified the Majestic Eagle
Emboldened with power and splendor
And the swift-flying Red-shouldered Hawk
Sharp of eye, watching quietly for his prey

My drumset rhythm, my moving spirit
Channeled into tactical cadence
Stimulating creative knowledge
As I danced in frenetic frenzie

My presence of mind altered into preparations for war
Provoking me to important Leadership actions

My silhouette a contour
A Black Racer in the midnight shadows
Carefully painted slashes adorn my cheeks and forehead
Yellow from buttercups and red from strawberries
Magical moonstar symbols to guide and protect me

The energizing chill of predawn rapture
Approached with rapid-fire movement
Leading to mystical time-honored transportation
My heartbeat pulsated, quivering like my bow

I climbed astride my feisty white and grey pinto
Leather reins taughtly strained
My battle gods inspire and encourage my self-confidence
Garnered from recorded notches on my arrow-tipped spear

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        08-24-2005     Roger Crique        

This is more than pure uninhibited imagery, this is a state of mind. To be able to transcend the mind of an Indian warrior, preparing for battle and to describe it in such startling detail is the mark of a great writer. Why this has escaped the prying eyes of so many of us poets is beyond me! This piece is a valiant effort to infiltrate the state of mind and mind of an honorable warrior. your narration made it possible for me to experience the preparations undertaken by an icon, before battle. Absolutely astonishing work!

        03-02-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

I liked this, interesting and well written.

        03-02-2002     Bianca Boonstra        

I am impressed.

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