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Spare a Moment Today

by Robert Betts (Age: 71)
copyright 06-01-2001

Age Rating: 7 +

God can you spare,
a moment today,
to listen to me and,
hear what I say?

Iím tempest tossed,
waves fifty feet high,
but Youíre here with me,
not off in the sky.

I whisper to You,
calm, confident say,
"Thy will be done,
done on this day."

I'm not sure why,
but I never know fear.
Perhaps it's because,
itís You I hold dear.

Author Note: The inspiration for this was a solo voyage I did in a 41 foot sailboat from Long Island to Florida. I ran into two storms, one at "The Race" a very turbulent channel at the north end of Long Island, and another near "Frying Pan Shoals" off the North Carolina coast. If the waves weren't 50 feet, they most certainly looked like watery mountains. There is no such thing as an atheist in a storm at sea... everyone will be found on their knees. It is also totally beyond your control. All you can do is resign yourself to your fate.

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        03-25-2009     June Nazarian        

What an experience that was! It is so true that one turns to their faith when confronted by events such as this, perhaps even restoring what had become wilted. I enjoyed this poem for the depth of emotion and am thankful you lived to share.........June

        03-23-2009     Susan Brown        

I can only imagine how exhilarating this voyage must have truly been. The note at the bottom retracing your solo passage defines these moments for the rest of us, all the better. To be out in those types of swells with only one's faith to wrestle with makes the trip all the more "valuable" not to mention stress/guilt free. So glad you lived to tell of it~

        03-23-2009     Frank Fields        

This write brought back so clearly a harrowing three days, while crossing the Caribbean in a small (150 foot), wooden, tuna boat. She and we were caught in the tail end of a hurricane, if there is such a thing But we lived through our own "Perfect Storm" with waves only about 40 feet high. That experience was so filled with
"things" that even I cannot begin to attempt story or poem. We all were spared, no hands lost, but I'm sure each of us lost at least one life on that trip.

Out time had not yet come for God to want our final journey.

Congratulations on your excellent presentation. Made me live your adventure(and mine) with true knowledge of your journey. ^^

Frank :)

        02-14-2009     Martha Rosanbalm        

I liked this. it is short and very compact. Your style shows a strong belief in and reverence of God You manage to make every word count. It is quite poignant.

        03-22-2005     Lucy Suzume Qian        

I like this poem very much, especially cause it was about God. Nice religious poem!!!!!! ^_^

        11-12-2003     Paul Kangas        

I just love poems about God. This is one of your best poems!

        06-22-2003     hedwig        

Very nice. But, you could add more. You don't have to. it's just a suggestion.

        11-25-2001     Les Heywood        

I liked this one alot. I like where you put "but You're here with me, not off in the sky." How true that is.

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