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Only One Drink!

by Lonnie Kornoely (Age: 40)
copyright 06-22-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

Only one drink!
It Took me one drink of Champaign to get a start
and feel the funny feeling. Feeling good and buzzed
it was so good.

It only took one drink of beer before
I was feeling no fear I could be what I want to
chicken to do things unless I was messed up!

It took one drink of hard liquor it was cool
because it got me messed up quicker. Staggering
around sometimes throwing up. It was so cool to get drunk.

It only took one drink before I was buying beer and
hard liquor by the whole case. Money going as fast as
I made it because all I did was sat and drank it!

It only took one drink before I moved on
to drugs. Now I thought I was real
cool because I was high and drunk!

It only took one drink before I was
gone so far. I was drunk all the time
and I was tearing my family apart.

It only took one drink that night at the bar.
the next thing I rember was waking
up behind bars. I sat and waited my 24 hours.

It only took one drink to send me to jail.
I was glad someone was there to make bail.
gone to court lost my license I was so broke I couldnít fight it.

It only takes one drink to make me a dunk had to change
my was or else I would be gone not sure where in jail or dead
but to day Iím not taking my chances I went on my way to my AA classes.

It only takes one drink as you see to get a
start it might be one drink but it could
be all you need to end up in a jail just like like me.

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        04-16-2006     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

You're very right... it only takes one step in the wrong direction to lead you on a path you never intended to take. I've always admired your strength to be a better person and respected you for the decisions you've made to achieve being the person you are today!

        12-20-2005     Jordan Screws        

Reading this poem gives me good reason to never take up drinking and drugs. While it was unfortunate that you had to experience what you did, at least you gained the wisdom to realize you needed to change your ways before much worse happened. Maybe I should show this to some of my friends that try to get me to drink... I can find little wrong with it overall! Your efforts are not in vain...

        06-23-2002     Lonnie Kornoely        

Thank You everyone for all the comments that have been left. I like and feed back that I can get. and again thank you and God Bless You All.

        06-23-2002     Peggy Bertrand        

read this at Ad and i still say it is an excellent message...

        06-23-2002     William Robbins        

I think it is great you can bear your own soul for all to read. We may not all have the same problem, but we all have some weakness that crushes at times. So brave of you to let us see it.

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