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From My Mind to Yours

by Sharron Tyrrell
copyright 06-13-2001

Age Rating: 18 +

From My Mind to Yours

Words tumble, collide
from the walls of my mind,
fighting to fall
in perfect order
for all to see.
Words like
“the suns warmth,
engulfs my soul”
“your smiling eyes,
reflect the universe”
“colored softness,
flies through my fingers,
worked into perfect shapes”.
These images passed
from my mind to yours,
if you see them
I feel success.

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        04-13-2008     Susan Brown        

Isn't it wonderful when the words that tumble out eventually come together to the point where the individual gets the picture you're trying to paint for them? Minds meet...job well done.

Nice poem,

        07-30-2004     Jack Curson        

What great imagery in your write. Excellent.

        04-01-2001     M.E. (Bunny) Eastveld        

I really like this one, Sharron!! I can see the images as described, clearly in my soul, Bunny

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