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by Irina Guschina (Age: 63)
copyright 08-19-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

A tear can be born and die.
You can forget me and smile.
But you'll never dry the tear
Running down your burning cheek.

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        01-27-2014     Walter Jones        

..and the tracks are a pure as the lines left to grow on the words needed to move forward, In truth we hold the salt of living long into the wonder of truths shared as a people. Poets see so much into the human spirit, I know you wrote for your father, please write for the rest of us, miss you.. Walt

        03-15-2005     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

I remember how hurt I felt when I saw my mother cry as a child and this takes me back there. This is so touching and I am Surely glad that I got to read this. Thanks, Anthony

        01-10-2003     William Robbins        

Great poem in its brevity and power. Says so much in such a short space.

        08-22-2002     Aaron Schmookler        

Like the other poems you have posted, this poem's power comes from its brevity. You haven't wasted a single line, a single word.

        08-20-2002     Melissa Rives        

My, how powerful this true....seems tears leave as deep a scar as any blade ever could! talk to you soon! :)

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