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My First Night

by Elizabeth Schalchlin (Age: 33)
copyright 08-24-2002

Age Rating: 10 +

'Congradulations! You won!'
While it lasted it was fun
But now the silence has begun
To terrify this little one.

Alone, white walls rise up all around
A little girl in a big new town
Trying not to sigh and frown
A mouth on which smiles usually abound.

But here I am, a little scared
I always thought I was prepared
There nothing that can be compared
To the lonliness that must be bared.

But suddenly my cell phone rings!
How my heart dances and sings
A friend is coming, I won't be alone
Now I won't sit here and moan.

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        09-28-2006     Tammy Frascona        

I've found out that when you grow up you tend to be alone in it sometimes! I like how you expressed the feelings so simply in this poem.
In reference to your other poem "Home Again" Maybe you should take a look at this one and see if maybe you grew up and now don't know if you're the same.... Well you are just different! Makes sense doesn't it!

        08-26-2002     Aaron Schmookler        

This recalled for me the year I spent after high schgool and before college. My world felt so empty when I was home alone. Now, I'm more settled with the ebb and flow of company in my life. I even enjoy it. Nice work.

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