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Time Out

by Christopher Doss (Age: 30)
copyright 09-24-2002

Age Rating: 4 +

The deed has been done
Now is the time to wait

Banished to the corner
While he decides your fate

A myriad of images
Are crowded all inside

Creating your own endings
The ones you can abide

Time drags by slowly
Think! What to say?

Should you say you're sorry?
You want to go and play!

Learning childhood lessons
Deciding right from wrong

Punishment is not so bad
But waiting takes too long!

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        05-28-2004     Walter Jones        

        11-21-2003     Praveen Agnihotri        

Simply great.I like the flair of your writing,actually its very similar to me.

Good Work,keep it up.

        04-29-2003     Anne Whelmer        

very well done!

        09-28-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

This is a great one.

        09-24-2002     Dixie Kincaid        

Nice poem Christopher, you are living your life the way you are writing your poem, I take it. Good head on your shoulders, you're right the waiting can be agony. DIXIE LEE

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