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The Hangers of Midnight

by William Robbins
copyright 10-18-2002

Age Rating: 18 +
The Hangers of Midnight

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It was during that most bewitching hour
late one All Hallow’s Eve,
that my eyes and ears
did in terror first have a chance to perceive
a steady screech of my closet door
when it slid open by itself
unveiling something horrifying hanging above the floor.

My chest burned with dread as an amber flicker came to my sight
revealing how all my hanging clothes
were now gray death shrouds outlined by its light.

Then one shroud pointed at me with an empty, quivering sleeve
before all of them vanished,
exposing an orange archway above a path that my orbs could hardly believe.

Bordering its snaking road of bleeding white coffin lids
were legions of moaning purple torsos
entwined with screaming vines of blue
that begged for me to join them
where I sensed only insanity would brew.

And when I could no longer endure their paralyzing mural of fear
I was awaken by a voice gasping, "perhaps you’ll be ours’ this time next year!"

Wishing all a memorable and happy Halloween
with lots of tasty treats and some peaceful, comforting dream
and if by chance your closet should bring you this disquieting cheer
we’ll understand why the next day you are unable to

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        09-01-2004     Mary -BrytEyz- Ball        

I'm not much for scary, but you did it so well! :-)

I must apologize for my extended absence on this site. I am back now. :-) And thank you for reading my work. :-)

        03-12-2003     Janet Owenby        

Ok make me afraid to look in my closet already!
This is a great work. Off to read more of yours.

        03-12-2003     Kay Lee Kelly        

WOW! Know I have to go look under my bed,
and behind the door. Very well done.

        11-06-2002     Cristina Lipp        

Chills down my spine!!!
I never will go to sleep with my closet door open again. This is one like a trip to the haunted house. Good, grisly writing.

        10-22-2002     Melissa Rives        

I always love a creepy tale...and this was great fun to read! Reminded me of Poe or I could even hear Vincent Price narrating this for you! :)

        10-21-2002     Lyle Berry        

Wonderful horror, William. I was captured by the clever, macabre imagery and lyrical rhyme. Look out, Dean Koontz and Stephen King. LOL! Finely crafted. Happy Halloween!

Best Regards,

        10-18-2002     Audrey Sullivan        

This is a fantastic one.
Loved it.

        10-18-2002     Bob Church        

Nice job, William. Takes on the same sort of tone as The Raven.

        10-18-2002     Kay Lee Kelly        

I loved this, very well done.

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