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Z and Moon

by Haley Thistle (Age: 28)
copyright 10-24-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

It was tough for me to decide. It was him or me. My one love or the one me. I had to decide. He was just standing there he was possed! I looked at him tears welled. "What are you doing?" I knew what he was doing he was going to destroy earth cause of Chaos. He was trying to kill me Rini and Brev.
"I'm here to destroy the earth and all whom live!" He reached for my throught. "Go ahead! Darien if you can hear me! Please! I love you!" The hot tears ran down my cheeks. "I LOVE YOU!" I shouted once more. Behind me I felt Rini and Brev touch my shoulders. "Darien! Your my best friend!" Brev yelled.
"Daddy! I love you too!" Rini shouted. Large pink sparks shot at us. "WE LOVE YOU!" We all shouted.
"You all will die like the rest! And I'll meet you all in heck!" Darien shouted he grabbed my neck and squeezed.
"NO!" Rini and Brev both tried to fight off his arm. But he grabbed Brev by her neck.
"Stop it Daddy!" Rini scremed as she kicked him. "Your killing mama!" Grabbed his neck. Only then did she notice Brev was dead in his grasp her face blue her eyes closed her once proud smile drifted in sapce.
"NOOOOOO! HOW COULD YOU!" Rini kicked him hard as she rushed to Brev.
"Rini." I groaned. I reached for her.
"MAMA!" She grabbed my hand. Suddenly Darien let go. Brev fell and out of no where a tall dark headed boty grabbed her.
"Goten!" Rini gasped. Just then another boy came out of the shaodws. He picked up Rini. "Trunks!" She hugged his neck. "Who are you?" I said. "Thank oyu for coming." I touched the one called Goten's face.
"It's nothing Queen Serenity." He said.
"It's all we can do." Trunks said.
"Rest my friend Brev." Goten placed Brev on the griund. The out of the dusk came a girl. "Hurry Vestin!"
"Coming!" The girl was beutiful. The out came another figure a mn with many mucels and black hair in spikes. "Who?"
"My name is Goku." He said.
"Goku!" I hugged him hard. "I never gave up hope! Your alive! You can help me!"
"What is going?" Evil Darien yelled.
"Kamahamaha!" Goku's attack hit Darien was pushed off the top of the building. I raced to the side and took his hand. "Serena!"
"Darien!" I pulled him up. Then I saw the girl Vestin put her hand on Breve's forehead and bring her to life along with everyone else! Could it be these fighters are the Z fighters? "Goku why did you hit Darien?"
"He's strong he would have survived that attack. I was just knocking out the evil." He winked. Goku was quite handsome. "Is Brev going to be okay Vestin?" Rini asked.
"She should be. I've never failed." Vestin winked.
"Hurry and wake up Brev."
"Calm down. She'll wake up in a minuet.
Goten walked over. "Goten you helped us." I said.
"No big, it was Trunks who sensed the danger."
I saw Rini smile at Trunks and blush.
"It was nothing." Trunks looked at Rini and I thought I saw him blush.
"Bye guys!" Goku, Goten and Trunks took off into the sky.
"Bye Goku! Bye Goten! Bye Trunks!" I stood up and waved.
"Bye Sailor Moon! Good luck!" Goku waved.
"I hope I'll see you soon! I won't forget you!"

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        10-24-2002     Katie Langolf        

very good. especially went Rini kicks Darien ^_^. Also when she was actually nice to Serena. I give it two thumbs up.

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