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by Katie Phillips (Age: 28)
copyright 11-09-2002

Age Rating: 13 +

I marched into school hoping things would be ok,
I didn't want to let my pride and dignity in the way.

For on that sunday I done something which I found happy,
But in which it turned turned my life miserable and my friends and family against me!

I get scared, sometimes crying myself to sleep,
I just want to be happy, not sad a weep.

They all say "life goes on" when you're life goes wrong,
When your feeling week and in pain and not healthy and strong.

My heads spinning in circles and my lifes messed up,
I remember what we'd done as I braught u flowers from the shop.

Im crying, Panicking what people are going to think of me,
As I go into school the next day stupidly thinking things would be ok and i'll be happy.

I get paranoid, feeling there are laughing at me,
While I sat alone on the wall thinking about my bisexuality.

I feel they are laughing at me as they run around with their cheerfull faces,
I just want to punch them, smack them and put them into there places

Untruthful friends, deceitful lovers, Loving sisters and caring mothers,
just because I love other girls im not a disgrace to there society.

But the truth has come out and im so sad,
My parents and friends think im very distressed and need help which makes me mad....

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