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All Your Lies (Villanelle)

by Catherine Wilson (Age: 41)
copyright 12-20-2002

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It's not a big surprise.
Although I was always faithful to you,
You fed me all your lies.

You've looked me in the eyes
and swore that all your lies were true.
It's not a big surprise.

You're something I despise.
I held back tears when I was blue.
You fed me all your lies.

When did you realize,
that everything you did, I knew.
It's not a big surprise.

Your calls get no replies.
What did you think that I would do?
You fed me all your lies.

For me, there's other guys
and as for us, you and I are through.
It's not a big surprise.
You fed me all your lies.

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        04-15-2006     Shannon Walter        

It's hard if a bf or gf cheats on you and decives you. They leave you heartbroken and feeling worthless. They leave you with so many question. Wonder what I did to deserve it? Was I not good enough? What did I do wrong? Well let me tell you, they he is the one with the problems and who dare he try to call you!

        01-13-2003     Jenny Coates        

This poem is very good. It reminds me of an old relationship I once had.

        01-12-2003     Melissa Rives        

Very well done...powerfully spoken!!

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